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Mozilla Thunderbird pop3 huge message count suggestions

Making moves

Greetings, Thunderbird users,

I have a Yahoo mail account since 2001 and have kept my original messages on the server since then. As far as using an offline version of Thunderbird is concerned, I do not worry about my old pop3 messages as long as the most recent messages are listed towards the top (selectable by option).

The issue gets to be critical when I want to host an imap instance on my physical device inbox. The current count is about 120,000 messages, and is auto-downloaded every time I run the Thunderbird application. However, 120,000 messages is just a ball park figure, and I do not know the actual message count.

Looking at the Properties of the inbox, there is a message count approximation of about 100 messages more than the stated message count. Is there a way to "Get Messages" with the actual message count ?

Brian G.