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Mozilla HUBS Is in fact the best virtual world developer ...

Making moves

in hours and hours of projects and REAL-WORLD-tests with people, even the ones not used to play videogames but to visit cultural websites, HUBS is a simple to entrance virtual world and it's not fancy ... gives all the tools to enhance and to highlight the cultural pieces and topics we need to punt in space and share.
What must be improved is the fetching of the content and the deal with projects fueled and funded by public institutions. From one side the EU COMMISSIONE stated the need to create digital twins and virtual worlds and also to make that in OPEN SOURCE domain from another side I really cannot create virtual worlds for cultural institutions in settings when there are also block-chain and bit coin traffics... I really cannot... I would be FIRED. So what is germane is configure an entry point for such kind of projects, which could be also a great model of sustainable actions for HUBS.

Mariano Equizzi



Thanks for the suggestion Mariano!