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Mozilla connect auto-login disable doesn't work

Making moves

The first account I create for this site was at about last year, logining with firefox account.
I post some ideas and comments with my first account.

After a long while, i forgot this thing and loging with github, created the second account; but i rememberd my first account later.

I wanted to sign out and re-login with my first account, mozilla connect bypassed the login page and auto logined with my second account. The same thing happened even after i clean all cache and cookies and re-login with "Auto login is disabled".

Bad user experience.


Making moves

Same issue. I have to log in to my actual ("Sign in with Firefox/Mozilla") account in a private window because there is no option to remove the autologin to this account (which I assume is logging in with github). I hadn't even created this account before it was auto-logged-in; upon pressing "Sign In" a bunch of redirects happened and then I was told to enter a new username, instead of being able to log in with an existing account. Logging out and then pressing "Sign In" now automatically logs in to this account, with no option to log in to my actual account.

yes and logging in from a password manager is also disabled; can be hard to test with the Firefox auto login. I have two Norton and Lastpass and neither work with moz connect or any Firefox login.