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Mission Creep - Becoming What You Originally Wanted to Escape

Making moves


Thanks very much to all who are involved in making the platform a strong tool.

However, here are two initial thoughts upon starting to use the latest rev.

1. For us, one of the great benefits of Firefox was it being a simple and clean and therefore (at least perceived as) trustworthy tool. No extra fluff, and no touchy feely stuff to navigate.

2. However, the product seems to be moving in the direction of too many products once they fulfill their original mission. We are disappointed to see 'color schemes' pushed upon start up and the graphic feature window that requires you step through it before you can ignore it.  Also some of the advertised features make us wonder about the system gathering more data and capability, rather than less... such as the 'computer to phone' feature.

My colleagues and employees have more or less expressed the same thoughts..., one put it this way, 'Firefox is turning into all the stuff we wanted to escape when we started using it'.

People's perceptions are their realities. What does your brand mean in the mind of the user? If you violate this, it's very detrimental to future success. 

If you aren't careful you will find that you have become what you originally wanted to avoid.


Casey S., USA