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Menu options to switch off threading, ditch 'Correspondents' in favour of 'From' & 'Recipients'

Making moves

Thunderbird at present automatically sets up all folders (new and old) with threading, sets up new folders with 'Correspondents' instead of 'From' and 'Recipient', and with messages arranged in ascending date order.  I do not want threading, but every new update re-sets threading as default on all my folders.

I understand that there are technical fixes to get around these problems, but I want simple global menu options to set my preferences, preferably permanently.  If permanently cannot be arranged, then a simple global menu setting which I can reset after each update of Thunderbird, instead of needing to go through all my many folders to 'unthread' them.

Setting global folder options to 'From' and 'Recipient' from 'Correspondents', and setting messages in descending date order would save me the hassle of re-setting every new folder when I create it.


Making moves

I don't like threading, I didn't ask for threading, I don't want threading, and I want to TURN IT OFF!

unThoughtfully, there does not seem to be any way to do that!

Hou can I kill the message threading "feature"?

Making moves

I agree with both of you. The people writing the software don't seem to understand that most people just want a simple system without things like threading. I see absolutely no point in it and, as other people have said, and as happened to me I have lost/missed emails because of threading.

If you want to group emails together it's quite simple without threading.

Thunderbird should go back to a simpler system and if programmers want to add something it should be for people to  opt in rather than as a default that you have to opt out.

Making moves

Upvote for option to switch the default 'Correspondents' to 'From' & 'Recipient'.

Irritating that it always defaults to Correspondents.