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Make firefox more compatible with google products

Making moves

For a few months now firefox has either been unable to load or resistant to load google product pages. Many comments on reddit can be found on this. It's not isolated to one specific product, sometimes it's gmail, calendar, docs, sometimes itself is unable to load. I know you're competitors, but either start providing your own firefox products, or put your heads together and start working together!


Making moves

I had that problem and it was related to AVG Anti-Tracker. I had to add google .com as an exception and then it worked fine. So, if you are running that software, there's your answer.

I forgot to add, you access that on the main page of the program, then click on allowed websites.



I have trouble loading all webpages that are supplied by Google (YouTube, Google search, Translate)
Take a look ?

Configuration Editor for Firefox
Searching for preferences network.http.http3.enable

Making moves

Correct. ALL Google Business Apps (Analytics, Google Ads, Business Console, GSC, etc.) just hang, and don't fully load. As well as the actual Google SERP pages only allow the Logged in user ~15 listings. Never "allows" (the option for [more results] is available, just doesn't expand) to expand to more search results. This has been an issue for well over 2 years now. Zero solutions. Zero concern. I enjoyed using FF for the Dev tools [F12]...Now I'm not even certain that is fully functional.