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MacOSX icon change - yuk!!

Making moves

Too many changes in the latest version which I can't remove or configure.

Desktop icon on osx now stands out like a sore thumb - what's with the black background?

Let me use the previous version please.


Making moves

I agree. I get that FF wants to make the dock icon align with the styling of the other dock icons, but the black background just looks off, makes it stick out like a sore thumb. I think a lighter background would look better, maybe even just white. Or give users the choice, just because it looks so off now?

Making moves

the new icon in dock with black background sucks! I need "Option" to modify it to icon with transpanrent background!!!

Making moves

WHY THE BLACK BACKGROUND? 😫 It looks absolutely off in the dock. Makes my eyes hurt. Please switch back to the transparent one.