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Lost toolbar data

Making moves

My FF updated and all my nicely rearranged toolbar modifications are gone now.  I went to support and this thread popped up.

All I have to say is that this is a major fail on the part of Mozilla.  Maybe a lot of people are aware of this but I sure wasn't.  I've spent hours cleaning up and rearranging my toolbar so it's how I like it.  Time now wasted.  FF is supposed to sync across my devices and I figured that meant it would sync my toolbars too.  Guess not. 

Too bad for me but I'm not going to be trusting you with anything like this again.  I'm moving to another browser, hopefully one that won't destroy my hard work customizing it.  I have no desire to go through this ever again. 

Just as another sharp stick in the eye, I wouldn't have submitted this on a support forum if I could figure out a place to send this note to.  Everything leads to here.




browser.uiCustomization.state ? can it be useful to you

Configuration Editor for Firefox
Search browser.uiCustomization.state

You can edit browser.uiCustomization.state and copy the content and save (from time to time to your convenience) into a file (a backup) in case, if one day, if the need arises, then you have a backup to copy in browser.uiCustomization.state

Other information
Profiles - Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data