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Layout and Font issues

Making moves


I have TBird 115.7.0 (32-bit) and see the following:

1) If multiple photos are attached:
⦁ sometimes only the first one is resized to fit in the view window (of both sender and recipient).
⦁ sometimes the rest are resized the next time TBird is run.

2) The layout selected is Vertical, with maximum Density:
⦁ The Message List column width cannot be reduced sufficiently.

3) From the top level Menu icon:
⦁ Changing Font Size from 11px to 12px results in a disproportionate increase of the font size in the body text of the Message; it is as if ~18px were selected.
⦁ Changing Font Size from 12px to 13px results in a reduction of the 'oversized' body text.