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Keywords for bookmarks is great. Keywords for search is great. But the Keyword can't be same?

Making moves

I like the 'create search' feature.  I like the 'keyword' for bookmarks.

Sometimes I just want to go to my ebay dashboard.

I have a keyword bookmark for that.  It's  "e"

If I want to create a search from the ebay search bar.  It can't be "e [product I am looking for]"  There is a conflict.

It works in another browser, and the syntax logic is pretty sound.  If it's just the keyword.  User probably wants a bookmark.  If it's a keyword, plus another word.  They're probably doing a search.

I guess I could add "es [term]", the additional 's' being not that big a deal, but that's more friction in the process.


Making moves

I usually just make a similar bookmark with an easy-to-type character like e' for searches