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keyboard induced tab/browser suicide.

Making moves

When using firefox one has to be careful not to kill the browser,commenting and miss typing can result in the tab or browser being terminated,eg pressing ctrl & a would close the bad WITH NO WARNING!

I would like to point out it is not possible to just turn off the 70s era method of controlling a GUI html interface,i wish this was just common idiocy from the makers of this pile of trash,but it really is how they make joke browsers like this,TURN OFF THE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS KEYS AS STANDARD,is that clear?

I have searched and found there is no direct way to do this,please leave this kind of stupid boneheaded lunatic thinking to Linux as that camp of twonks use 100 keyboard shortcuts in their backward fantasy world OS,and yes they are complete and utter useless idiots like you too.


Making moves

I have the same problem.  Shortcuts have changed!!