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Keep high productivity with thunderbird

Making moves

For long time I'm suffering with some problems in thunderbird, today I recevied donation request from Mozilla. To be fair I made donation to also give and not only take. But to point:

nearly each major update include also graphics change - WHY? who in proffesional environment care how icons look? and every geek can change it by skin. so please let it same for decades. Or offer skins during install, oldschool users can set old, new users can use new... but this is just cosmetics.

What I really appreciate is that icons possition and ergonomics are still same. that really help me and all my colleagues to work from update to update without interrupt. We stopped to use MS products beacause with every version we was struggled for few days with all buttons and usage changes till we was able to make 100% productivity again. PLEASE KEEP IT ALSO IN FUTURE.

What is really annoying is freezing, TB needs to be restarted at least once per day, when calendar is stopping to respond, or starts strange behavior. There are tons of bug reports about this but it exist from version or so. What about focus on this instead of eyecandy?

I will keep donating as I love to get this app instead of outlook. Thank you for your work.



Making moves

I am having freezing issues, particularly if using redirection from an email, but also just when I open the program.  Very frustrating.  Like I above I appreciate the app, but find these set-backs time-consuming and worrisome.