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June Firefox Update - Problems with and other websites

Making moves

Since June 12 to date I am experiencing checkout and other buttons on are no longer visible. Is this a know problem? If unknown please investigate. Thanks!



If you're tempted by an adventure with Tor
Removing Tor Browser from your system is simple

I am of French nationality and my place of residence is France


I stopped Tor andécifier-un-pays-relai-dans-le-navigateur-Tor
As an experiment (to see if) I added to the torrc file
EntryNodes {us} StrictNodes 1
ExitNodes {us} StrictNodes 1

I started Tor
Result, apparently that's ok


Making moves

I also have problems with  Images on product pages don't load properly.  They flash momentarily then are replaced with a grey square.


Making moves

Ever since 127 "upgrade" this issue exists for me also.  Images of a product detail page appear for about 0.5s and the the windows go grey.  Home Depot is no help. The real burn of this is that I have auto update disabled but Mozilla does it anyway.


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Firefox release notes
Other infos, since the release of Firefox 63

The option to Never check for updates was removed from about:preferences. You can use the DisableAppUpdate enterprise policy as a substitute.

Firefox policies
The Enterprise Policy Generator helps to create the configuration file, by way of other illustration

By way of other illustration

Making moves

I am experiencing the same issue with Firefox 127.x.x and 128 on Home Depot's site.

Here is a test link to an affected Home Depot product that shows the problem for me.

Apparently, according to what I can find searching the Internet, there are a number of other users experiencing the same problem with Home Depot's site. Most are using Linux and Firefox, as I am, but there are also some reports of it affecting Windows users of Firefox. Some say disabling hardware acceleration fixes it, some say it does not. Some say disabling DNS over HTTPS fixes it, others do not.

I have tried the following without resolving the problem:

  • Disabled Enhanced Tracking Protection
  • Disabled all extensions.
  • Disabled hardware acceleration.
  • Disabled DNS over HTTPS.
  • Used a fresh profile.
  • Tried a clean install of Firefox.
  • Tried with different PCs (though all are running Arch Linux).
  • Disabled Javascript using Developer Tools. If I do this, the main product image stays visible, but the Add to Cart and additional product details don't appear. It also breaks other aspects of the site, so it's not a solution.
  • Tried affected Home Depot links in Chromium, with which it works just fine, eliminating issues with my router, network, and firewall.
  • Tried visiting affected links with my smartphone using Firefox for Android, on the same network, and I can view the affected Home Depot pages without any problems, so the problem appears to only be in Firefox Desktop.

I don't see any errors that would explain the problem in the Developer's Tools Console.

It seems to be a problem with Firefox and/or the Home Depot site itself. I haven't experienced the same issue on any other site.

Today(07/17/24) around 0900 I was able to view the HD website without issue. I was also able to log into my account which I have not been able to do for about a week.  As of right now(21:25) both functions are failing.  Home Depot has an issue which seems to affect only select users, coincidentally for linux4me and myself, happens to be on Linux.  I raised this issue to Mozilla support and was supplied with a screenshot in response which showed they did not have an issue on Firefox 128.0