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Is that a bug or feature

Making moves

I'm using Zorin OS 16.1,

I got a default firefox browser, but today I saw a news, there is a new release 100v.

so I decided to uninstall the current firefox, and just searched on snapstore, I found alpha version 102.

after the un-installation of the old version, I installed the alpha version. after opening the new browser, I got my old browser saved password, search history etc. is that a feature? I don't even using the firefox syn and save data feature? then how it is possible? sharing password of the old browser after the uninstallation. I didn't gave any permission.



@KelvinPaul  it's a feature. Updating app (manually or automatically) should not affect your data. Everything you had in your older version of Firefox should be available to you in newer version. Just like updating a document editor should not delete your documents.


Hmm, on Windows, the regular release, Developer Edition, and Nightly use distinct profiles so that they can coexist without breaking one another's functionality. When I install a pre-release version, it doesn't automatically grab and migrate or update my data from a regular profile. It may work differently on Linux, or maybe it did that because there was no other Firefox installed, just the leftover data.


Snap packages on Linux work a little differently to normal builds when it comes to profile selection (similarly Firefox installed through the Windows Store work a little differently too). They will use the profile data of a different install in a couple of cases, either if it was the default profile for an install of Firefox earlier than 67 or if it is the only profile present on the system.