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is it time to say goodbuy?

Making moves

It it time to say good buy to Tunderbird? I have been using this soft for many years, it was stable, fast, functions were usually intuitive. But now? After the last major update it get even worst. I would like to read others opinion if they share similar feeling?

Some old problems

- it is so complicated to add someone to your address book; you can not click on a new one and add it - you have to update it even it is not existing; adding address to the address book while composing a new email is not possible at all <- this is a minor issue

- with updates/upgrades program remove changes I introduce to the screen layout; once a month I need to remove 'spam' column (and similar unwanted) from the emails list <- minor issue

- new layout makes reading emails more difficult; letters are to condensed to let me easily read heads of emails;

- every time I open the program it shows me emails from the middle of the list, not the new ones, nor the last I read - it is weird and make me wasting time to get to the top/bottom of the list

- program checks the account for new emails even if I ask it not to do it with a particular address – frustrating;

- today I needed to restart the program three times to force it read emails from all the mailboxes; it did not report any issue with a particular address just was not refreshing it;

- I was forced to switch to exchange protocol with one address and installing plug-in SOWA what made things even worse; now I am paying monthly fee for the program which does not work properly. 

I wonder if Outlook (I said good buy to about 15-20 (?) years ago is better than Thunderbirds? On my Android phone it sort email to focused and others (why?) - I am afraid that new programs try to become more smart with a price of it basic functionality which for me is delivering new emails without issues.

Another program I use on my Android phone does not report problems with sending emails. So I click on ‘send’ to get to know, afer a couple of days, that emails were not sent. It happened to me several time during a couple of last months; something what would even be beyond my imagination in the past.

So, the question is, is it a standard that new versions of this kind of software are less and less user friendly, lass stable, more difficult to use???