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Inconsistent Results with Thunderbird's Contacts Import

Making moves

Using the current version of Thunderbird (102.5.0), I went to "Address Book" in order to import my contacts from an LDIF file. (For whatever reason, the contacts hadn't successfully "arrived" along with my messages when pasting the "Thunderbird" folder from AppData/Roaming. So I just went back to my old machine and exported my contacts as the aforementioned LDIF file.) From Address Book's import option, I was able to select the file, but the import failed repeatedly. After some additional research online, I tried again by selecting "Import" from the "Tools" tab (not from the Address Book, as before). The input process was similar but not exactly the same, and for whatever reason, the import from the LDIF file was immediately successful. Not sure why it worked from "Tools>Import" and not from the "Import" option when viewing Address Book -- but thought Thunderbird's awesome engineers might want to be aware of it. Thank you so incredibly much for helping me to leave my dysfunctional relationship with MS Outlook. 😉