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Improve Performance

Making moves

Hello! I would like to recommend to the browser team about the concert regarding every time I go to YouTube, whenever I add a video to queue and jump to the next video, I wonder why my computer hangs. I saw in Task Manager that my CPU usage is 100%. So far this is the only issue that I got and it also helps in increasing the browser's performance in terms of accessing sites that hogs memory. I really like to reach this to the development team since I think there are also people who has the same issue as me. Thank you in advance!


Making moves

Sounds like an OS issue to me, not something the browser developers are necessarily going to fix because its more something the OS developers would have to fix. No site hogs resources in my highly fine-grain customized NixOS system on any browser and Firefox is the least hassle-inducing of the lot without anything else constraining it locally. Windows lacks a way of limiting individual application resource usage? If so, ouch.

Making moves

The same thing happens to me whenever I start Firefox. Disk on Task Manager goes to 100% on startup, PC goes into extreme slow motion and I get frustrated. I discovered that Firefox is the worst and Chrome is the least affected. After 20 years with Firefox I had to switch. I'd rather not, but it got really bad. I have been googling the problem but so far have not found the solution.