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I would almost pay NOT to have AI in my browser, thanks very much

Making moves

Not exactly sure what you guys think is going to be improved by having AI in the browser???

I spend enough of my day attempting to filter the trash generated by AI on the internet out of my life as it is. Clippy the Mozilla Assistant is a descent into hell IMHO. Please don't do this to your customer base.

At the very least, I strongly agree that any AI product you attempt to add to Firefox should be opt IN not opt out! Or I guess I'll be looking for a new browser when I thought that particular fight was over for a while.



Making moves

Mozilla, exactly this. This notion of adding "AI" is en**bleep**ification in a nutshell. Not only do I not want whatever "AI" in my browser, but I can't believe it cost "approximately 60" people their jobs.

Making moves

This. I'll try to disable it, but if I can't, I'll be looking for a new browser for the first time in over a decade.

Familiar face

Has it been implemented yet?