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I may be leaving ThunderBird

Making moves

The latest ThunderBird update has eliminate many important reason I use the program.

I can no longer sync my Google Contacts.  All the extensions have been killed.

I can no longer add Microsoft Exchange Shared mail boxes or mail boxes with generic names like webmaster. I added OWL but it does not help.

Calendar freezes often.

I am being forced to find another product.

Jeff Taffuri


Making moves

I'm also having similar concerns.  I rely on ThunderBird, yet since last update all sorts of freezes and problems and especially integration problems with my other devices and other calendars have suddenly popped up.  WTH?  I haven't been following along, so if something in dev community is happening, I've been unaware of it.  Mea culpa if that's the case, but Thunderbird has been a cornerstone of my work life for so long that these problems have been very disturbing.  What is going on?  Why these problems/changes?  i certainly won't go back to Micro$#!t, even if I am forced to use their server for work e-mails.  And Apple stopped being Apple decades ago, so I have no use for them either.