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I don't need to be reminded to love firefox

Making moves



Remove this. Don't make firefox another chrome with popups and ads. I don't need reminders or thanks for using firefox in a window with no option to close it.


When I need to get things done, I don't want any delays. I know why am I using firefox, why do you need to remind me?


Making moves

Yeah, it's very odd, I was initially thinking that this had to be a bug, since it doesn't always happen after an update, but the fact that it does happen from time to time and that it has been happening for quite some time might indicate otherwise.

It makes no sense for already existing users to get this welcome screen, it's counterintuitive and ruins the experience. At the most, an update should open an easy to close tab of the update notes. Users should never see this welcome screen again after their initial installation.

Same issue here - really annoying.  PLEASE remove this "feature" ASAP.

Familiar face

I'm currently using the preinstalled Firefox local version of my OS so I'm not aware of this since I left Windows temporarily but you can try unchecking Suggested by Pocket and Snippet options on Search section on Settings. How do you get that screen by the way? I don't remember it and currently never saw it.

Tried your suggestion to no avail. Thank's!  Get this screen every time I open FIREFOX and it opens with a second TAB automatically, which I need to close.  Could not find any ways to stop this behavior. 

Version Firefox 115.0.2 updated via the release update channel.