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I don't like the new Incognito windows.

Making moves

They suck. Normal windows are still in the same place on the taskbar, but the Incognito windows aren't. I think that Firefox should change it back to the way it was.




Can you provide more details on why this change does not work for you?

Hi, I had posted this in the Firefox View is now live in Fx106. Learn about this new feature and tell us what you think! thread, but I'd also like to share it here:

"The addition of a new separate icon to the Windows taskbar when a private window is opened seems very counter intuitive to the idea of "private browsing" to me. Why make it obvious that there are private windows open? It would be great if there were an option keep it hidden in the standard Firebox taskbar icon, like it was before this update."

Making moves

The new color scheme is bad. Why blue glow on star to bookmark? Revert it to like it was before. Simple, stable, I have been used to it. Give back the previous which was great. Users were used to it. Another change for no good reason. At least give option to revert it back or choose what color user wants - even thought that seem like too much work for not really good efect but you are doing that with browser colors why not with colors of bookmark stars anonymous view window? Why that cannot be up to user choice? I repeat let user select theme for anonymous view, if you are constantly changing it it would solve it - users could choose their theme for anonymous view. There, not simple, but in doing the changes you do still on the edge of okay without the need to change browser which are more stable. Every change to which I am used to makes think more and more to quit Firefox. Sorry but it does. If you were simple, stable browser you for sure would have more user than you have. Because annoying long time users is the best way to lose them - ask any business or service, that is universal.