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i can not paste the content to a web-based email opened in Firefox

Making moves

Hi Firefox,

When I try to copy content like words from a Word document into a web-based email opened in Firefox browser, nothing can be pasted.

I switched to another browser, and the issue disappeared.

I believe it is the Firefox that prevented the pasting. Can you check it? Operating system Win 10 and Win 11. Thank you



Are you trying the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (or on Mac, Command+V)? There is a bug with the right-click context menu in some situations, so you may need to use the keyboard shortcut.

Websites differ in how they handle pasting. Some are passive and let Firefox manage it while others intercept the paste and do fancy things with it. For that second type:

Some privacy guides recommend changing dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled to false in about:config (or a user.js file), but that can cause problems on sites that intercept pastes by blinding them to your actions. Does this sound like something that might be a factor on your Firefox?