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How to provide feedback to Mozilla

Making moves

How do I contact Mozilla Firefox? Since I've downloaded the updated version of Firefox I can't view sites I used to be able to. It's got to the point where I'm going to dump Firefox and use Edge or Chrome because Firefox is unusable.



What happens when you try to view the sites? For example:

  • Firefox can't make a secure connection
  • The page times out
  • The page layout is broken
  • Can view but can't sign in
  • Something else, etc.

You may want to follow up on the Mozilla Support site. They have a team of support volunteers to troubleshoot malfunctions with your currently installed version of Firefox, while this site is focused on idea submissions for future versions of Firefox (looking ahead anywhere from 8 weeks to many months). Here's a link to the new question form (for Windows/Mac/Linux): 

Thanks. I had to turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection to get to the site you listed.

Making moves

Hi - i upgraded to 118.0.1 32 bit and the browser is unstable now and has had my computer running loud/hard when the browser is open.  it takes some time to enter text in a field such as a logon, if it even let's me log in.  Also am getting scary warnings for sites that i usually go to and have never had an issue with. 

how can i roll back this release?