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High Memory use on Ubuntu 22.04

Making moves

I'm seeing increasingly high memory usage when using Firefox 109 x64 on Ubuntu 22.04

Lately just opening Firefox with a few tabs uses just 8Gb memory and 2Gb swap. And it would easily use more if I surf more tabs. Practically I now need to choose between the browser and doing work. Unfortunately I can't keep up with the ever increasing RAM demands of running the browser.

As time has gone on I'm keeping less and less tabs open.

Curiously using another browser does not have the same effect. I love Firefox and Mozilla and what it stands for. Unfortunately even on my 32Gb ram system the ram cost of using this browser is too much. And I constantly have to close the browser to keep my machine from stalling while I work.

I hope this can be solved in the near future so I can return to using Firefox.