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Get on the Monitor waitlist to know when we launch automatic data removal: US only.


Hi everyone! This is Tony Amaral-Cinotto, the Product Manager for Firefox Monitor. Firefox Monitor has been a great way to be alerted and take steps to regain your privacy in the event of a data breach. We know that data breaches are only one part of a person’s data exposures, and here at Mozilla, we take pride in doing everything we can to allow you to reclaim your privacy. 

In the new year, in the U.S., we’ll expand Monitor’s protections even further, allowing you to scan for your exposed information on data broker sites and then we’ll automatically remove that personal data for you. Monitor will send automated removal requests on your behalf to remove your information, like home addresses, phone numbers, family member’s names, and more, which these sites have made easily available for anyone to find. 

If you’re in the U.S. and are interested in reclaiming your privacy and being the first to know about Firefox Monitor’s new protections, please sign up for our waitlist.

We are first releasing this experience in the United States and will continue to explore bringing more privacy protections to other markets. Users outside the U.S. will see upgrades to their experience, too, including an enhanced user-friendly interface, guided steps to resolve exposures, and tooltips to protect your privacy further.


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This is really interesting, how it compares to the Google One service and looking forward to hearing about roll-out in the UK and beyond.

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"Fantastic news, Tony! betflix club Excited to see Firefox Monitor expanding its protections. Automatic data removal sounds like a game-changer for privacy. Signed up for the waitlist and looking forward to the enhanced user experience.

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Firefox Monitor, led by Product Manager Tony Amaral-Cinotto, is expanding its privacy protection features in the U.S. Users can now scan and automatically remove exposed information from data broker sites. The service will send removal requests for sensitive data, emphasizing Mozilla's commitment to user privacy. International users will also benefit from an improved interface and enhanced privacy measures. Sign up for the waitlist to be among the first to experience these new protections.

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These are the kinds of things that I like mozilla working on. I feel like privacy is one of the main reasons people use firefox, yet it seems like every update and new feature or service is working against that goal. So a better monitor seems like a breath of fresh air.

Thank you @syntobu we hope you enjoy the new experience and protections.

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I wonder if there is a partnership opportunity with Consumer Reports existing Permission Slip ( and if not, it would be helpful to outline in a comparison how Mozilla's solution differentiates or how it complements.

Thank you so much for sharing!

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It's great news, and definitely a must-have, but I haven't been able to find any info on a UK launch - just have to be patient.