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Forced Upgrades: In search of 'progress' you are destroying a large portion of your user base.

Making moves

I understand how Mozilla wants to be 'cutting edge' but I suspect your policies are costing you users. I'm exaggerating but it seems Firefox offers an update every 20 minutes and a nagging reminder every 20 seconds. You document no easy way to turn the reminders off.

You brag about the latest enhancements but are not so forthcoming about the hardware support you have dropped. Your developers' favoured solution to complicated issues seems to be to blacklist older graphics drivers. Webrender by software on anything below an i5 isn't pretty.

If you're a user in a developing nation Mozilla offers increasing pressure to make a choice every update: new hardware or new browser? For the financially challenged its an easy choice.

It's not just about developing nations. Personally, I spent a great deal of time building a 'green / silent' HTPC, with passive cooling, a system designed for the sole purpose of playing video whilst consuming the minimum amount of power. You blacklisted the graphics driver resulting in the system sounding like a jet engine (case fan).

Many of us were raised on the mantra: if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it. Why do you force updates on everybody?


Making moves

113 is a catastrophe. What it fixed I do not know, but now all complicated sites fail. YouTube, FaceBook and large corporate sites all fail whenever other resources are called upon. Tab crashes. I cannot go back by any means I can see. Endless round of tab crashes. I can Google , I can DuckDuckGo but once on resource heavy sites the tab crashes.


Never had been able to gracefully handle resource heavy sites.  Between that and what appears to be decade or longer memory leaks I used to just avoid those sites as much as possible (foxnews looking at you and you low level developers). No more, after 114.0.1 I'm transitioning out...Going to be painful but needs to be done (finally)

Making moves

I also have been having stability problems since the latest update. I keep getting "tab crashes" and when I hit the "restore tab" button, nothing happens. All I can do close and reboot Firefox and hope it will work for a while. Been using Firefox since it was Netscape. May be time to look at alternatives...

Making moves

Beware of 114.0.1 ..It logs you out of everything.. Make sure u have your uids and pwds somewhere... I'm fn done