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Fonts and Line Spacing in Thunderbid V 115.2.0

Making moves

It was updated on my Windows 10 notebook today, and the fonts and line spacing (the latter especially in the Message List frame - the entries are "squashed up") look somewhat odd and nothing like before and so are difficult to read. I hadn't changed any options etc. What's up or what am I doing something wrong, please?


Making moves

goto view>density>compact is default change it to DEFAULT or RELAXED

Making moves

However, this changes the spacing for both the folder and message list panes.
Is it possible to have default view on message pane (to make it easier to read), and compact view on the folder pane (to be able to see more folders)?

Making moves

I totally agree.  The Compact spacing is too squashed and the Default is too spread out.  How about letting the user adjust the spacing as when composing a letter.

Making moves

For me, default setting for message pain is a bit too spaced out and I guess I can live with that. But the default spacing for the folder pane is way too big. The folder spacing needs to be halfway between the compact and default density setting. Can we please have FIVE density settings instead of three? Or allow filder density to be set inependently of message pane density?