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FIXXED My crashing issues.. streaming, facebook.. others.. static in speakers, lagg..

Making moves

Ok, so it was crashing for months.. I updates.. there's probably over 200 crash reports submitted from it..
There was another issue.. static. 
I am running with 2 monitors and would have 1 firefox window open in each. 1 streaming netflix or hulu.. etc.. the other for browsing, facebook, etc.. I thought this might be the issue.. but it wasn't. Also noticed FF would slow down quite a bit..

Running linux Mint/Ubuntu

Here's what I noticed.. when I opened sound settings, applications, I saw "speech-dispatcher", several types of it running.. Since I was trying to clean up processes, i decided to uninstall those things, since I never use them.

sudo apt-get remove speech-dispatcher

Then rebooted system.
All good. it's been over 24 hrs, no crashes,  no static, no lag/slow downs..

So freaking happy, was driving me nuts.
Just thought I'd pass it along.. I just got lucky.


Making moves

Thank you for this, I was searching for hours and your solution worked!!!😊