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Fission: re-write your FrontEnd NOW! Firefox becoming IE of now days?

Making moves

The very advertised Fission will now make devs re-write legacy web site? And from now on write code specific to FF? Mozilla becoming IE of our days. 



  • traverse the DOM tree expecting to reach subframe's contents
    For example:
    - Tree Walker APIs
    - iframe.contentWindow/contentDocument
    - window.parent / top / opener
  • add listeners in the top-level expecting to receive iframes' events
    For example,
    calling addEventListener in a framescript scope
  • send messages to the content process about something related to anything that happened in an iframe
  • rely on storage in the child process for information that should be available across navigations
  • write any new code in a frame script or process script


    • coordinate the walking of the DOM of each content window from the parent process, and aggregate the results there
    • add listeners through the Actors infrastructure, and figure out if your actor needs to handle only top-level events or events from all subframes
    • declare message listeners through the Actors infrastructure, and send the message directly to the right actor associated with the content you care about
    • store long-lived data in the parent, because a child process might be killed if navigation happens to a new domain (which will spawn a new process)
    • write all new code using the Actors infrastructure