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Firefox102. Files are downloaded without extension

Making moves
I have some bad news regarding the soap opera of downloading files. With the latest update the downloaded files have no extension. But how is this possible?😭

Making moves

Taking up what I had written in the discussion Firefox 98 - PDF Dowload and view 

My application has a texButton with the following code:

var url = (url, '_ self', ''); 

The DowloadServerlet add this header

response.addHeader ("content-disposition", "attachment");


Now, with FireFox 102, the application downloads myfile and not myfile.pdf. This problem is widespread throughout my application regardless of the type of file extension used


Making moves

I reported the same problem in another thread for Citrix ica files.  Stating the obvious (since you've already identified this as a release 102 problem 😀), but downgrading to 101.01 resolved the issue for me.  I just had to remember to disable auto update!

I solved partially by modifying my application and also setting the http header

Content-disposition : attachment; filename="myFile.pdf"

More details can be found in the following thred

Firefox 98 - PDF Dowload and view 

Making moves

This should be reported as a bug as it is not designed functionality.

I wish Mozilla would stop making these off the wall changes.