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Firefox Version 120.0 is the Worst Functioning Update Yet

Making moves

Since this latest update Firefox gets SO bogged down on starting up! Minutes upon minutes go by as it seems to be locked up and I can hear the computer processing something. If I try too much the computer actually asks if I want to try and shut the browser down which is hadn't done before! I can open up Edge without issue though I'd rather not be using it. I can open any other program without issue. It seems update after update it's been getting worse and now it SUCH a slog to use Firefox.


Making moves

I have a similar situation. Any website I go to results in a Secure Connection Failed. Every website including Mozilla. Had to open Chrome to get online.

Any way to go back one update?

From what I've read it's not possible to roll back, I guess we'd have to find a safe website that carries older installs and remove Firefox and reinstall with the older version. I only installed as it kept nagging me so there is that to contend with as well.