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Firefox v 106.0 New Tab Feature

Making moves

Just started using the new version earlier today.  I don't like the new tab forcing me to the Firefox search page.  So now, instead of one click to open the tab then start searching, I have to click a second time (the home button) to get to my search engine of choice.

Software, especially a browser, should not restrict my ability to choose how to use it.  Prior to this update, the new tab always opened with my home page.  I have no idea why that has to change now.

Will I stop using Firefox?  No.  It's been my go to browser for more years than I care to remember.  This is just one of those "corporate decision" things I find annoying.

Thanks for listening!


Making moves

I think you can change to "nothing", to "not distracti me" in about:preferences#home and uncheck all those annoyences. Because I do not have this and I have for long time unchecked annoyences.