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Firefox using all resources on High End PCs.

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Ok so I have one PC with a AMD 5950x Nvidia RTX 3080 TI 128GB of RAM on an asus x590e as well I have an alienware M15 R5 with a AMD 5900HX, Nvidia RTX 3070, 64GB of RAM.

Both pcs have begun using all resources since the latest firefox update. This especially occurs when logging into any site that is interactive in someway. When using the backend of Elemntor for Wordpress. When filling out forms on several different banking websites.

I specifically use firefox to avoid chrome and edge. Can we please get this fixed. I'm sure this is being replicated by many and I'm sure the developers can regulate this easily. I'm also running Windows 11 Pro 21H2, just in case this is the problem with firefox since windows 11 has many bugs they have admitted.


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I have a lot of trouble with forms on Firefox too. When making purchases or posting reviews and other forms I find that the required response boxes will not take input with Firefox. I've had to resort to Safari when ordering.

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firefox 107 can't handle even only 200 tabs and became unusable with 600 tabs

on a 2x12c 128GB RAM 6+1GB VRAM workstation!

in 2016 firefox handled 800 tabs fine on a 32GB i7 1x8c

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Seems like a regression to me too in Firefox code. I suppose the JS stacks are partly to blame here too. Frontend Devs make heavy websites with stacks like ReactJs and VueJS that eat up a lot of local resources on our machines. 

However somehow Chrome and Edge manage this a bit better at the moment. Some people in the forums mention tab restore being the culprit after a restart. I use this quite a lot and will consider turning it off if this helps. 

All things considered I think we're about to hit an inflection point where the web needs to be built more carefully. CPU and Ram is no longer doubling every so often. In fact since around 2014 the average PC is more or less the same speed with new labels and lower power usage. Some ram produced in 2019-2023 is worse than ram produced before then because of chip shortages. Amid this sites become more complex to render for browsers. 

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Re Dansperfect.

I have exactly same issue, latest intel processor 64GB of RAm, but since last Firefox update browser freezes and RAM runs at 56gb !!!  Only resolution is to end task firefox. 

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An meinem Desktop-PC habe ich genau das gleiche Problem. Die Arbeitsspeicherauslastung steigt so stark an, dass Firefox erst hakt, dann nichts mehr am PC reagiert und dann stürzt Firefox ab, nachdem es zusätzlich sechs, sieben weitere Anwendungen im Hintergrund geöffnet hat. So nervig. Die anderen browser mag ich gar nicht. Bitte löst das Problem. Danke vielmals.

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Hauptsächlich während Spielen oder dem streamen fon Serien ist es am Schlimmsten.

Beispiel: APPS.FACEBOOK.COM/junesjourney


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Seit dem vorletzten Update ist das bereits so.