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firefox useage too much cpu and ram

Making moves




Making moves

I am having just the same issue as you, I hope Firefox sorts this out fast as I have moved over to Edge

Making moves

I'm not so concerned about the ram usage, because I've just bought a new laptop with 64GB of ram.

But the high CPU usage is really annoying. I often have multiple Firefox windows with multiple tabs open.

This often causes the CPU to run at top speed and the laptop fan to run at top speed too, despite not using Firefox actively but working in another application.

When I hear the fan of the laptop running fast, I check with the Task Manager and it is always Firefox which causes this high CPU load.


Making moves

Hi Naveed.

I genuinely now feel as though they don't care. I have been posting about this for ages with absolutely no response from anyone within FF at all.

I have also posted about how slow it is with Outlook email too, see here >

That has had no response from anyone either !

I have no idea what's going on, but I now feel as though it may be time to ditch FF. This is a huge shame, I have been using this since it came out, but if they are not bothered then why should we be ?