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Firefox Sync: Not possible to prevent synchronization of all elements

Making moves

Dear Mozilla Firefox team,

I just switched my account which I'm using for Firefox Sync. After I logged in with my new account I shockingly noticed that Firefox has already started synching all (!) my data. With my old account I only synched bookmarks, settings and add-ons but consciously not my passwords and history. Privacy and security matters a lot for me - this is why I am/was a fan/supporter of Mozilla and Firefox. And this is also why I'm using Firefox of course. And I would never ever want my most valuable data in sense of security and privacy - my passwords - go into the cloud - independent of the company.
I would not be surprised about such a behaviour in case of Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. - but Mozilla?! It is so unbelievable for me, I'm so shocked that Mozilla Firefox is doing this. It's just crazy insensitive and totally undermines for what Mozilla stands for (from my perspective).

I would really like to get a statement to this behaviour and I desperately request and hope that this will be fixed soon. I tried several times to prevent the initial syncing of all data but failed. For now I deleted my account (hoping that my passwords are now actually removed from the cloud again) and will not use Firefox Sync as long as this is fixed.

I cannot belive this.. I'm so shocked..