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Firefox Should Right Now Follow Brave

Making moves
Well, getting straight to the point. I've uploaded performance screenshots of Firefox a few times through HTOP (running up to date Debian 10) to show the amount of resources consumed not acceptable. I was dismissed with practically a shrug of the shoulders from someone who doesn't care. All messages were cordial with friends in the community and the company Mozilla. Finally... I've been using BRAVE browser for over 60 days and my machine (development i7 x 8gb x 1/2 TB) just stopped crashing when running browser + IDE. Neither Chrome nor Firefox Dev or ESR is coming close to BRAVE, which is consuming 50% or less of hardware resource, blocking trackers and everything else with the added bonus of delivering pre-configured TOR meeting many of the basic needs. I think it might be useful to review my messages and take BRAVE as a goal for the next versions then I can go back to evangelizing the use as I have for the last 15 years or so.

Making moves

Bave is the only browser I know of that performs the test as well as the Tor browser even without extensions or Tor network connection and thus better than Firefox, even with extensive privacy and anti-tracking settings like arkenfox, which breaks a number of websites and is close to the Tor browser config. So, unfortunately, Firefox also seems to be more prone to fingerprint tracking than Brave ...