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Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

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When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before updating the cache. It is very annoying because there is always a flicker.

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not gone

Nope, still doing it.


Making moves

This has been happening to me for weeks. Please fix it! I can't enjoy my Facebook timeline because of the crazy auto scrolling.

Familiar face

I was on Facebook for a little while this afternoon and can confirm that it was not fixed.  Again, it seems to have something to do with all of the pictures, and the longer I scroll the worse it seems to get.  Also, when I'm reviewing the "notifications" using the sidebar on the right, the text notifications also load dynamically but there is no scrolling issue with them.  It's only in the main news feed - where there are pictures.  And the pictures are usually taller than my laptop screen.

@ajp1228 wrote:

It's only in the main news feed - where there are pictures.  And the pictures are usually taller than my laptop screen.

This could be an important clue, and could explain why I haven't been able to reproduce it on a high res monitor (pictures generally aren't that tall on my screen). That said, I would expect it to stop fairly quickly when it scrolls to a textual comment. ??

It only jumps every so often, probably when new posts are loaded at the bottom of the screen.  Facebook loads a certain number of posts, and then when we get near the bottom of the screen, the dynamic loading automatically loads several more posts and, of course, adjusts the browser scroll bar accordingly.  Since most posts contain images - either photos or previews of links - I can't say for sure that it would happen on an all-text screen.  But I am guessing that it has something to do with all of the photos, since it always seems to do it when the next post contains a picture and it doesn't do it when loading the comments on the right sidebar.

My laptop is set at full resolution, but it's only a 15.6" display.  Therefore, I have the DPI and text settings in Windows very large so I can see the icons and interfaces in Windows and the text in all programs.  Perhaps if you temporarily increased the "make everything bigger" setting in Windows, you would then have the FB photos slightly taller than your monitor screen and perhaps reproduce the problem then.  It does take some time for the issue to appear, however.  The more I scroll, the worse the problem gets, although it seems worse some days than others.  I'm thinking that perhaps there are some kind of "buffers" which may get filled up as we continue to scroll???? 

In the past, I've occasionally noticed a problem when pictures stop loading.  When it does that, I usually need to close the browser and reopen it (which clears the cache, I think) and it fixes the problem.  This also is only on Facebook; other sites still work fine regardless of whether Facebook is open in another tab or not.  But closing and reopening only the FB tab doesn't help; I have to close and reopen the entire browser.  I don't believe I've had this happen since the jump-scroll issue began, but it's not something which happened every day, so I hadn't thought about that until just now.

I'm running a 2560 x 1440 and it still jumps on FB for me. Only at the bottom when it's caching FB's lookahead stuff. 

Making moves

Why is it that I can get the emails from this group/topic  but can't reply to them?  I get bounce backs:

"The mail server responded:
<> Domain not found (no SOA/NS), check spelling.
Please check the message recipient "" and try again."

What kinda a man-bun Java jockey crap is this?   No wonder they have issues.  I'm tired of having to jump through hoops just to debug their stuff.   Man, it was so better back in the day... people knew how to code.

Making moves

So I got a new update notice this morning.  I hoped this would address the "jump scrolling".  It did not.  I much prefer Firefox, but I'm using MS Edge because of the Facebook issue.  Please fix  this.  I want to come home.

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I see no difference after today's update, still jumps. So i today stopped using FB on Firefox, it's pointless

Making moves

I am also facing the same problem

Making moves

Still not fixed with FF ver 103.2

Making moves

So tired of this auto scrolling. I am missing posts by friends because I hate to scroll at all in Facebook.

Having to use Edge to view Facebook is a royal pain.

Making moves

can't believe this isn't fixed yet cmon Mozilla it's not like it's some minor site it's happening on, I'm totally giving up on Firefox soon if this isn't fixed I've just about had it with this browser

Making moves

This is a very annoyng issue for many weeks now on all my devices (office and private W10, Mobile Android). Is Mozilla going to fix it or do I have to change to Edge?

Making moves

It's still happening in FF 103.0.2 on Windows 10 64-bit.


Making moves

Such a major problem and it doesnt get fixed for month now?
Whats going on over there? No employees left?

Making moves

I have the same problem, it's really annoying

Making moves

Same problem here too.

Making moves

Same problem on Linux: 103.0.2 (64-bit), Ubuntu snap install.

For me, when the scrollbar is about to reach the bottom of screen, the posts simply keep on auto-scrolling up 2-3 at a time. If I manually drag the scrollbar thumb back to half of the screen, everything goes back to normal for some time - but it starts again when scrollbar thumb reaches near the bottom of the screen.

Also, none of the about:config changes suggested here and elsewhere have worked so far. Also, disabling the "Enhanced Protection" for has no effect.


Making moves

The issue returned to me today. FF 104. This is most probably a FB side and NOT a FF side. However even tho we try to reach out to FB they'll obviously SHRUG IT OFF

Making moves

Updated to 104. yesterday and Facebook still has the auto scroll problem.  My other browsers (Explorer, Edge, Palemoon, and Chrome) have zero problems with Facebook.   So I would have to say it is a Firefox problem.  This problem has been going on for too long.   I just wished someone fixes this problem.

Making moves

I wish someone at Mozilla cared.

Developers are working on this, but haven't found a fix for it yet.

Making moves

it's at least 5 versions (since 99) that we have this scrolling problem with Facebook

for sure Facebook is changing a lot its code.

until this thread i didn0t find any other public discussion on the problem (i guessed it was jsut me or my FF addons)

let's hope some FF dev uses Facebook daily!

Making moves


There seems to be an annoying SCROLLING issue with the FACEBOOK.COM web page.
It has been around a while  (version 104.0 of FF here)

Google says this scrolling issue is in several browsers and is BROWSER CODING ISSUE with java script.........they mentions quik fixes like changing Facebook Font sizes..


as i gently scroll down when logged will suddently SKIP POSTS and jitter.

THis jitter is very annoying indeed........

TRue, i have some of the FLAGS set in the config of FIREFOX and it could be some issue with those flags.....?

It could also be particular  extensions of mine( in no particular order) which may be affecting things.....?

Sadly FF does not seem to offer a ------RESET TO DEFAULTS for "one pass"----- feature...... If it did offer it, users could do testing during that PASS......after which, a user could then
1) Re-start FF once again with his previuos custom settings back intact.

The only web browser i found WITHOUT this skipping issue is the latest OPERA Version:90.0.4480.54......... and i do indeed use the very same extensions on OPERA that i use in FF.........
(so "extension issues" is unlikely to be the cause of the facebook skipping)

The questionable extensions of mine could be

1) Scrollanywhere
2) hide-scrollbars
3) and ADD BLOCKERS for youtube and twitch.

but i doubt it

The fact that FF do not seem aware of this facebook "scroll skipping issue" is embarrassing for them.

FB is one of the worlds largest web sites and FF is a "global web browser" so are millions sufferring this issue?

please look into this issue right away and if you discover it's your fault, then please sort this out right away.

i like millions of others wont use FF until this facebook issue is fixed.


My current Firefox 104.0 (64-bit) version running on Ubuntu 22.?? won't even show the facebook pages. Nothing! Doesn't work with a something called I once used. Again a total no show after my Ubuntu upgraded to 22.?? and Firefox 103* then 104 came with.

Big upgrade... major faux pas for me.

Making moves

Problem exists for long time. We're reporting it, bug still appears. Since devs doesn't even bother to say something, i see no point to waste time here any longer...

Familiar face

It started for me in FF 102, not too long before version 103 was released.  Since there was no update right before the issue started, it's something that Facebook has done.  I did not know it was happening in other browsers until reading these last couple of posts.  Have you all reported it to Facebook?  I've reported it twice.  Please report it to Facebook if you haven't done so already, and consider reporting it again if it continues and you do not receive a response from FB help center.  I believe Mozilla has a "bug report" open on this topic; however, it needs to be worked on from the Facebook side, also.

I reported it to Facebook and shared two videos of Facebook jumping like a spider on a hot frying pan with them. Did not hear back from anyone at Facebook. It made me dizzy just watching the videos.

I didn't hear from FB, either; that's why I reported it again after learning more about the problem.  I suggest we continue to report it to FB every few weeks, until someone finally fixes the issue.

I'm using Edge until this issue is resolved. There has never been a time when I have reported issues to Facebook that they have responded. They simply don't seem to care.

Making moves

just installed 104.0.1 and the problem seems fixed! (macos)


nope. the problem returned this morning 😞

Familiar face

Close. Almost. Still an occasional flicker/jump that skips over a couple of posts that you don't see unless you scroll back up. But the uncontrollable fast scrolling is gone. If you scroll v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, it  runs more smoothly.

Another fail.

Making moves

My FF updated. No resolution for me.

Making moves

Please fix........... FAcebook scrolling issues........ inside Firefox.  FF ver 104.0.1
Sept 1, 2022

While scrolling facebook there are intermittent SKIPS and JITTERS of story's

Apparenty FF are NOT alone in the web browser world.......... when it comes to this bug.

Google mentions the bug exists in several web's a very annoying BUG indeed.

You should check BEFOREHAND, any web sites that are in the TOP TEN global websites and not release any web browser that you  can't get working  perfect with those web sites.

It would NOT take much Facebook tinkering on FF to discover this how much testing did you do?

citations online say a WORKAROUND is adjusting the web browsers font, ........but sometimes this works and sometimes not
( Facebook web page itself , does NOT allow any changes in Font)

i have my facebook wall feed set to update with CHRONOLOGICAL NEWEST TIMED posts first......not the "most popular posts" first.

please fix this bug ASAP........i believe it could be connected with javascript.....?

i have also experienced it on the latest CHromium browser......
.(it does not happen on the latest OPERA browser)

i can't continue using FF until this is fixed.  (smooth scrolling is enabled but not AUTO scrolling)

i don't believe any of my FF flags  (about:config) and interfering or any of my EXTENSIONS

i could CHECK by RESETTING FF to default, but how do i then REVERT that default and go
back to my old settings?


Making moves

i m getting problem while scrolling fb news feed, it auto scrolls when scrolling for long time... and its so annoying... anyone else getting this problem???

Making moves

I have 104.0 same annoying issue and  getting worse. FIX IT Already