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Firefox's updater shouldn't auto-pin Firefox to the Taskbar

Making moves

I'm on a Windows 10 and I created a script that automatically updates software on my computer, including Firefox, and every time the Firefox installer runs, it automatically pins Firefox to the Taskbar, despite Edge being my daily driver


Making moves

It seems like the Firefox installer is automatically pinning itself to the Taskbar on Windows 10, even though Microsoft Edge is your preferred browser. This behavior might be a default action in the Firefox installer. To prevent Firefox from automatically pinning to the Taskbar during updates, you can consider modifying your update script to include a step that unpins Firefox. You can use PowerShell or other scripting tools to achieve this. Alternatively, you may explore Firefox deployment options that allow for more control over the installation process, allowing you to customize settings such as Taskbar pinning. Adjusting the installation parameters might help in aligning Firefox installations with your preferences.

Making moves

I agree that it should not do this. It should be considered beyond the remit of software to interfere with operating system settings, however minor an adjustment this might be. This type of behaviour is precisely why I have made every attempt to extrude Microsoft Edge from Windows. How I choose to use software on my device is my business alone.