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Firefox on Android: favicons on startpage

Making moves


I noticed that on FF for Android the startpage, where you can place links to pages, does not keep the pages' favicons if you activated the option to clean cache on closing FF. But there is one big exception: Wikipedia. If you place a link to Wikipedia on the start page, its favicon will always be shown, no matter how often and how thoroughly you clean any session data when you close FF. All other links loose their favicon and are represented with some standard icon after FF cache is cleaned.

This has been happening on all my Android devices ever since, no matter what Android version, no matter what FF version. Is this a long time bug? Is this supposed to be that way? I really would prefer, if all links on the start page would keep being shown as favicons.

This is irritating to me: why is Wiki's favicon uneffected by the cleaning of the cache, while all other pages are set to a basic icon? Can any one explain this odd behaviour?