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Firefox not working on some important sites

Making moves

I have used Firefox forever but I have not had any trouble until recently with certain sites.

Specifically, it does not work with the US Government: Social Security and Also, I cannot use the website builder Network solutions provides so I have been forced to use Chrome which works fine with all these sites.

I just thought you should know so you can test it yourself. Thank you for this great product.


Making moves

Agreed, SirGrahame.  Recently the number of sites with problems with Firefox include some airlines, retailers, etc.  I find myself having to switch to Edge (I won't use Chrome) or, if it's possible, use the telephone.  This makes me sad.  People should be switching TO Firefox, not from.

Making moves

Sites that do not work from Firefox for me (and do work fine from Chrome):

I have used firefox for years. I am willing to help verify whether these have been fixed.


Who sees these comments? Are there people working fulltime at Mozilla who check for error reports here?


Making moves

Add the IRS site

I got all of my forms filled out and ready to file, then got stuck in an id verification loop where it would either fail the verification code or log me out instead of filing. Filing with edge would also not work if I was still logged in with Firefox.

Making moves

Add the forest service and Often the first page might load if I get there via a google search, but as soon as I try a link, it comes crashing down.

Making moves

Add (this is also covered in another Discussion thread) and