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Firefox memory management

Making moves

I wonder why there is no memory management update for Firefox after all this time.
Firefox seriously needs to optimize the use of resources.


Making moves

I use Firefox on Windows 10 for horse racing on Saturday afternoon and have done so for 4-5 years.

I usually have 1-4 tab open for different race tracks.

4-5 week age i noticed Firefox slowing and up to 10 firefox process active at the same time. 90% of memory is also being used. Visdo replays are impossible to run.

The only solution is to Close the browser, reopen it and set it all up again. This happens several times in an afternoon and has become very annoying.

Thinking of goinig to apple using safari.

Making moves

I have a similar concern. Firefox consumes so much memory in comparison with Chrome and Edge on Windows 10. I use Firefox frequence and prefer to use it, but the memory limitation forces me to switch to Edge and Chrome.