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Firefox is very slow, is a memory hog, and slows down my system

Making moves

Sorry guys, Ive used you for decades, starting with Mosaic, moving to Netscape and following to Mozilla, but I can't place loyalty above function.

Brave browser is at least 10X faster (yes, I have timed it) than Firefox.  Firefox opens too many instances as observed in "Task Manager", bogs down my system and causes my computer to freeze and crash. I love the tracker and ad blocking features, which is why I tried Brave.  I won't completely remove Firefox, because I prefer you greatly to anything offered by MicroSoft, but will only use Firefox on sites that Brave will not open properly (OnX Hunt). 

Hope you improve in the future.


Making moves

I just received an update to Firefox. The information regarding the update touted how Firefox has increased it speed.  Checking the speed of the three browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) on my machine, I find that Firefox is the slowest of the three. Edge is about 7% faster than Firefox. Chrome is about 26% faster than Firefox.