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Firefox is too unreliable these days, after 10 year of loyal use I am signing off.

Making moves

Firefox used to be my ride-or-die browser, I began using the internet through firefox and stayed on the platform even though Chrome is far more lucrative. These days the platform is just not reliable, I struggle to browse the net without my firefox crashing atleast once. This leads to me loosing data. For example, submitting written fields to websites when applying for new jobs. I just don't understand why the platform has deteriorated so much. Unfortunately, I will no longer be using Firefox as the unreliability has gone unchecked for too long.


Making moves

yes Firefox is taken 5 to 10 seconds to start; and chrome is at least 5 times faster with the same extensions.

Firefox takes so long to startup I have to wait to type into the search bar, it has never been this slow before and I have really fast hardware!