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Firefox ESR 102: font size changes only reflected after reloading pages?

Making moves


I'm currently using Firefox ESR 102.10 on Linux. I don't know when it changed, but just realized that when I change the default or the minimum font size in the settings, those changes are not shown on open tabs immediately. I have to reload the tabs to see the new font size.

I'm not sure when this changed, but it was different for sure in ESR 91 and before (not sure about earlier versions of 102). When I changed the default or the minimum font size in those versions, it was immediately changed in all open tabs. This was way easier for developing/debugging but also for pages where e.g. a button was moved out of view due to a too large font size. Having to reload such a page to see the button can have very serious impact if it is e.g. a shopping process or any other page where reloading will reset a process to the beginning.

Does anyone if this new behaviour is intended or if there is a new setting to revert to the old behaviour?

Thanks a lot!