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Firefox - dark mode

Making moves

Hi, i've been using firefox since it started and it's always been my favourite browser.  But i'm not a fan of dark-mode.  I know many love it, but is there an easy way to turn it off?  I can't find a menu item to do it and when i've googled it people suggest hacks with limited success.  I'm using 97.01


Making moves

Have you tried going to :

Settings > Extensions & themes > then under " Manage your themes " chosen the " Light " mode , or " System " mode themes ? Or do you mean something else ?

If you are having problem finding settings  click on the button with the 3 lines settings will be near the bottom of that drop down menu.

OR right click somewhere to left of the minimize button . A mini menu will pop up.  Click on " menu bar ".

Then goto  TOOLS and settings will be right there.


Thanks for the help, yes i have tried that and it did remove the dark-mode on the main screen, but not the drop down menu's.   It's not a major issue or anything, more just a preference.   I wonder if others are having a similar issue?

Could you please share a screenshot of your dropdown menu issue?

Dark Mode.JPG

All menus and dialogue boxes are like this.  It's just that the back ground colour and text colour have reversed. 

This is definitely not something that should happen. Would you mind opening a new thread on our support forum so our support contributors can help you investigate the source of this issue?

You can do so by filing the form at

Sure, appreciate the help.

Thank you guys for sharing thoughts. I usually like using the dark mode due to the long working hours. In my case, I usually attend to students that come saying, can I pay someone to do my online classes, I am always ready to help.