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Firefox and Windows Magnifier

Making moves

Hi... I am a long time Firefox user and I wanted to share my thoughts about my recent "issues" with Firefox.

These issues mainly focus on how Firefox interacts with Windows Magnifier and vice-versa.

I am always on the edge of using the latest versions... Firefox being on version 114 and Windows 11 being the release 22H2 (and does not change with later builds). I am person with eye issues and I am constantly using the Windows Magnifier. Windows Magnifier has it's smooth edges feature turned off, all the 4 options like follow text cursor.. mouse pointer, narrator... are turned on. I am currently at 11x zoom and using a 24" hd tv with full hd resoltuon and i am over 3 meter away from the tv and comfortably laid down over my bed. The following issues also happen when I am using other devices with different zooms.


1- When I start Firefox, I am normally thrown at "New tab" tab. Not biggy here. Except when I click any part of page (except the clickable icons), the focus goes to another area on the page like the middle top. If I click again, it goes to ... for example... bottom middle or top left or some other area. This happens pratically with all pages. I do have a machine that has Chrome (which I rarely use unless Firefox doesn't fullfill an desired task) and the click-n-focus-move issue does not happen, the focus of the zoomed area remains there.

2- When I'm writing text like.. now... , the text cursor is at top middle of the screen instead being at center of the screen. This is quite annoying when I can not see the text above this line and I have to constanly use curosr keys to go up one line and even so, the cursor never leaves top middle of the focused area.

3- Sometimes when I use the Firefox's address bar and the mouse sits over a tab, the address bar is covered by the "tool tip text" of the tab even if I typing something. The tool tip text goes away when I move the pointer away from the tab. In this case, I would probably want the tab's "tool tip text" turned off.

4- The zoomed screen area sometimes doesn't follow the text cursor focus when I am typing on the address bar or let's say... Google's search text box. When this happens, the text cursor simply moves to right and vanishes. Sometimes, the text cursor moves to the far right area of the screen and then the zoomed area moves to where the cursor is and yet again, the cursor moves again to the right.

5- It's also annoying when I am repeatly performing a task and, let's say a message dialog appears, and the zoomed area moves to top left... and I have to use the mouse to move again to the area I was working on.