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Firefox and decimal points

Making moves

Firefox 113 won't allow numbers with decimal points to be entered as it erases all input as soon as a decimal point is entered. 3 is allowed but if you are trying to enter 3.4 as soon as you enter the decimal point (.) everything is erased. Please fix this ASAP as it is important for me, a long time FFox user contemplating using the vastly improved Edge.



Hi, where do you experience this problem? For example, in web forms, in the address, bar, etc.

On my number pad, the . and Del share the same key, so I wonder whether Firefox has become confused about your keyboard. If you haven't restarted Windows since this problem showed up, you might want to try that before doing too much other troubleshooting, in case it's a transient issue.

Making moves

I have same issue when using, this is our appliance parts supplier and use it on a daily basis. I can no longer offset credits and have to use Google Chrome, which works fine. So it has to be an issue with Firefox.