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Firefox 98.0.1 update switched my search engine back to Google

Making moves

OK, I have been using Firefox since 2005. So when did this start? I was just updated to version 98.0.1 and when I clicked on a new blank page it took me to Google. I have been using Bing as my default search engine for a year now. Trying hard to cut Google out of my life.

Thx, Butch

See? Nice. No yelling, screaming, or cursing. But not happy.




Hi, we had been finding users with this occasional issue for a year or two, but had been unable to determine the cause. The good news is that in Firefox 99 we had information from a user that allowed us to identify the cause of the issue and fix it.

Hence, it shouldn't happen any more now - hopefully you're on 99 already!