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Firefox 118.0.1 Issues

Making moves

As of this release 118.0.1 desktop windows 10 version, I have noticed that account login menu is gone and sync settings are missing.


Making moves

Hello, I also found that add-ons, such as adblock plus, are not working on this release.



I restarted firefox with troublshouting mode (whithout add-ons), activiated syncing throug parameters menu and then restarted firefox in normal mode. The add-ons are now working.

Making moves

These types of things were happening years ago when Mozilla engineering started on a program of rapid rollout of patches, as they are doing now, only a very few dev teams can do a rapid rollout program like this without post patch break fixes escalating in number.  Last time this happen, Mozilla dev's threw the 3rd party dev partners under the bus and the 3rd party dev's migrated their focus to chrome and never came back, that's why you don't see the same offering for both browsers.

Making moves

on Win 10 64-bit, 118.0.1 always take up 100% CPU usage in about 10 minutes. Can't even close individual tags or close the whole browser. Had to use task manger to "end task". This problem started happening a couple days ago. The browser becomes useless.

I just downgrade it to 117 two hours ago. So far so good.

I did try by reinstalling 118.0.1; didn't help.