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Filters export

Making moves

I would like to be able to export filters to my laptop and not have to re-create them.


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What filters are you talking about?

Making moves

If your talking about Message filters, I agree. With the absents of global message filters I'm constantly recreating filters on multiple email accounts. A way to export and import them would be useful although this might be addressed other ways as well.

Making moves

There are multiple workarounds:

1. The QuickFilters addon provides this functionality. Obviously, it would be better, if we had this in TB core.
2. You can go to your TB profile folder via `preferences > help > more troubleshooting information > about:profiles`. The real location depends on your operating system. There is also the help page:
There look for `filterrules.dat` files. You can copy / paste those to your other accounts.
(3. Eventually, when (or if) Thunderbird Sync gets introduced, I would hope for this feature to also cover filters. Something to look forward to. Alas, there is no TB sync yet.)